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(주)나옴은 미세먼지를 줄일 수 있는 실외 전용 미세먼지 저감디바이스를 만들고, 그 디바이스를 이용해 생활밀착형 빅데이터를 수집하는 기업입니다.

2017년 9월 인공지능 미세먼지 전문기업(주식회사 디에이피)으로 창립한 이후 끊임없는 기술개발로 미세먼지와 빅데이터 분야에서 혁신적 성과를 창출해오고 있습니다.

(주)나옴은 세상 밖으로 나온다는 의미이며, 여러분이 문밖으로 나오면 저희의 기술이 여러분의 실외생활을 더욱 소중하고 가치 있도록 해드리겠다는 저희의 약속입니다.

Subway Solution


The city subways used by millions of people a day are the most important
means of
public transportation. Especially, due to the characteristics of the
subway operating
in the underground space of the complex downtown area,
we are having difficulty
managing indoor air quality.
NAOM Inc. has intelligent air quality management
technology that utilizes
underground air quality information collection, processing,
and analysis technology.

Field Solution


This technology provides a space for citizens to be protected from fine dust.

There is no need to replace filters by applying patented semi-permanent fine

dust reduction technology. In addition, subtle product design and changing

LED lighting can be used as landscape lighting.
Bus stop Solution


City bus stops are always polluted by vehicle emissions and road dust.

Closing and cleaning the station is easy, but it is inconvenient for many

people and it costs a lot of money. NAOM Inc. has fine dust reduction

technology that is applied to open bus stops. As with the outdoor

solutions of the NAOMTUBE, this technology has the advantage of

minimizing maintenance by eliminating the need to replace filters.

Smart City

NAOM aims for smart city technology, which combines ICT and fine dust
It leverages the massive amount of big data in the city to
provide solutions to solve urban environment problems.
Smart City technology with NAOM’s specialized fine dust solutions.

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Smart City